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Welcome to my little spot in this great big world wide web.

Muses are the figures of Greek myths who serve to inspire artists, writers and musicians. Though to my mind, the every day can be filled with little glimpses into the sublime. They have their off-days when the banal rules.

Each muse is changes to fit the person they service. Mine speaks to me in words and images. Both the ethereal and the base are under their domain for I treasure so many things. Your muses may vary.

This site needs some updating! It has been a long time since I have updated it.

Sites I Update

I have a livejournal that I post to now and again. I have to confess, I am not always great about reading lj posts. But I try to post when I have the time or something I want to share.

I have pictutes at Fototime. And I just recently decided to try Flickr. Not sure if I will keep both or just one yet.

Paul and I Are Married!

The big day was April 26th, 2003. I am thrilled to say, it went really well and we both had a wonderful day. Paul is a wonderfully sweet, intelligent and all around terrific guy. And handsome. There are even pics to prove it!

Paul has put some of the honeymoon pics and the links to the various websites on his page.


Questions For the Oracle
Erato - Art
Calliope - Authors
Melpomene - Film, Theatre & TV
Euterpe - Music
Polyhymnia - Roleplay Gaming
Thalia - Humor
Clio - History
Helicon - Home of the Muses
Urania - Technie
Terpsichore - Food
Apollo - Friends
The Pantheon - Misc.


Questions for the Oracle

Who am I and what is this web page all about? And yes...what I look like and pics of loved ones too.


The muse of love poetry. One of the most filled with love is Art.


The written word is one of the most powerful things. Here are bits and pieces about the Authors and Books that are inspiring to me. (And since Calliope is a figure in one of my favs, she has to be behind this one.)


Film, Theatre & TV related items. So perhaps Melpomene wasn't behind Reanimator or some of the others, but you never know...


Music is a wonderful thing... Links and lists of some of the bands I think are inspired.


Roleplay gaming becomes all the more delightful when the muse of oratory and sacred poetry speaks. I haven't done any RP gaming in ages. I did WhiteWolf years ago. Werewolfs and bastets and vampires. Oh my!


Even muses have a sense of humor! Anime and cartoons are featured here. The focus is on Ranma 1/2 but some links to others like Warner Bros. and The Tick.


This muse of history surely knows the Medieval period is where they thrilled. It includes my medieval interests, links and also the link to an archive for HMR & original Adrian Empire including newsletters.


The Helicon of too many poets is not a hill crowned with sunshine and visited by the Muses and the Graces, but an old, mouldering house, full of gloom and haunted by ghosts. -Henry Wadsworth Longfellow-

I do believe New York City holds many things of wonder and beauty. Despite it's somewhat how gloomy is can be sometimes.


Yes, the muses do talk to computer programmers and techies. Though I think many send far to cryptic of messages that get lost on the modern souls. So here are some Tech Stuff and Net Resources.


Oh how we must dance and sing the praises of the substance of life: food. I am pushing this analogy! But, some of the most devoted muses must have inspired the chefs of the ages.


Everyone needs friends. Even the muses. Though I must confess, I haven't updated this one in ages. Sorry.

The Pantheon

Various sites and tidbits that seem to fit nowhere else on this page. So far bookmarks & travel.


The WeatherPixie

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