A muse of inspiration to writers. And a wonderful character in my fav novel. Any guesses as to which book? *grin*

~ I suspect these authors have been touched by her hand ~

Poppy Z. Brite
Harlan Ellison
Neil Gaiman
Anne Rice
Matt Ruff
Skipp and Spector
Medieval/Renaissance Works

~ and the hearts of these booksellers ~

Mark Ziesing Catalog

& More Line

Poppy Z. Brite

I am in awe... This woman is amazing. At 23, she was already published and adored and rightfully so! I start reading her novels and do not want them to end. She can paint images in a way that entrances me.

I will also say, her short stories, in my opinion are not as strong. Or at least I don't think her collection was solid. It was okay and for most other writers, it would be an good collection, but I didn't find it as powerful as her books. I think she need time and pace that she can't frame within a short story.

Novels: Lost Souls, Drawing Blood & Exquisite Corpse. And two I won't name as I won't read them...*shiver*
Short Shories: Swamp Foetus (Wormwood was the title in paperback)
Edited: Love in Vein and Love in Vein II.


There are tons of links. She is very popular in the goth crowds. I think she is better than any of the other goth stuff I have read honestly.

Harlan Ellison

The man is a god. Or at least has the ego of one. *smirk*

I don't think I have to say much more except if you haven't read him, go! Now! Get a collection of his short stories. It is well worth the search.

I will not even try to do a listing of all he has writen. The man has been writing for at least 30 years now.


Neil Gaiman

A number of friends had been raving about Sandman for ages. And they were quite right too. Gaiman has a power of crafting tales that involve gods, demons and ones there before the gods...and making you not only believe it, but feel for the ups and downs of these characters.

Also, Gaiman worked on Good Omens with Terry Prachett. This book is a riot. I don't know too many people that have read it who weren't rolling with laughter at least once during the book. My eyes teared tons and I even got odd looks on the subway, which takes a great deal!

And a funny bit. I didn't realize I had read Gaiman much early than a couple years ago until I read a listing of his works. I loved Black Orchid when I read it almost 10 years ago which seems to have been a Gaiman/McKean collaboration. McKean is the artist who does the Sandman covers and worked on Black Orchid. Very cool stuff. So cool he is on my contemporary graphic artist page.

Novels: Good Omens and more
Short Shories: Miscellaneous though no collections I know of.
Graphic Novels: The Sandman series, Books of Magic, Mr. Punch, Violent Cases, Signal to Noise & Black Orchid.


There are tons of Sandman sites on the net. I have choosen a few I have stumbled across.

Anne Rice

Yes. I still list her though I would say from 'Queen of the Damned' on is pretty much trash. 'Interview with a Vampire' is an amazing book which I still reread. She had such a great start it is really too bad she lost it. 'Vampire Les tat' is good, though less literary, more plot driven.

I decided to give her another shot with Memnoch the Devil and was sorry I did. I gave the book away about half way through as I thought is was so lame. Anne, dear, get over yourself and get over Lestat and maybe you could produce something decent again.

And yes...if you are wondering, the nick Akasha is from Lestat though I will say, I liked her better before she flipped out in Queen. *grin*

Novels: Interview with a Vampire, The Vampire Lestat, Queen of the Damn, A Cry To Heaven and tons more
Erotica: Belinda, Exit to Eden & the Beauty Series

If you want links, there are tons out there, so Happy Hunting!

Matt Ruff

He has written only two books but it is my favorite novel - Fool on the Hill. It is a delightful book with fantasical elements in a everyday setting. Makes you believe maybe magic really does exhist. It also appeals to the hopef ul romantic in me. Well worth a search to find it. I am not certain if Bantam still publishes it, but I did find a paperback copy about 2 years ago so it might still be in print.

Plus, you have to love a book where Calliope is a central figure!

If anyone has a hard cover copy they are willing to sell, let me know.

Sewer, Gas and Electric is his second novel after an eight year gap. It is great deal of fun, though not as good as Fool on the Hill. It is a charming and funny piece about a futuristic society and is connected with Atlas Shrugge d by Anne Rand. I haven't read that novel, so I suspect I am missing a level of the humor to it, but it is still a great little book.

Novels: Fool on the Hill and Sewer, Gas and Electric


Skipp and Spector

A team that has split I am sad to hear... They wrote some fairly graphic but very cool horror.

Also they editted a great collection of short stories called Book of the Dead about zombies. If it is still available, get the Mark Ziesing version. It is hardcover and more expensive, but it is beautifully designed. Also, the J.K. Potter prints through out make is all the more delightful.

Novels: Light at the End, The Clean-Up, The Bridge, The Scream & Animals
Short Shories: In various anthologies, but I don't think they have been collected.
Edited: Book of the Dead & Book of the Dead 2: Still Dead


Medieval/Renaissance Works

Check out my medieval/Ren book page for a more through listing.

Most wonderful bookseller in the whole wide world - Mark Zeising

This guy is great. Honest. He is a pleasure to talk to and very knowledgable about what he sells. I call up here on holidays and take is suggestions on the best new titles for certain friends and relatives (I hope to the heavens George is not looking at this!).

Please, check out his site and see what you can find that you like! And tell him I sent you. *grin* It is good to have some independant booksellers left! He deals in alot of first editions, but also carries tons of paperback. He also does searches and will try to get particular books for you.

Also, you really should check out any of the titles he publishes. The presentations are beautiful and well worth the extra cash for a hardcover.

Though I have to say, PLEASE Mark (or rather whoever is admining the site for Mark) make this a searchable catalog by author or title. The categories are great, but the design needs work.

Go Here Now!

I know, Mark Z. will yell at me for listing them too! *grin* But, they are cheaper than the stores and their site is an amazing resource for finding what is in print and out.

Check them out!
My Wish List

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