akasha's Scrapbook


The Big Day!
For more pictures, check out our wedding album
And if you aren't sick of looking, Paul put some of the honeymoon pics & more on his page
My Sweetie & Me
Christmas 2001
Me as a Younger Lass
Long Ago In Belgium
Soli, Josh and Me (l to r)
Arisia '97
Me in my Medeival Garb
March 1999

...And The Nude Pic
Beware! I am in the flesh... Look at your own risk! Line
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Special Folks
My friends and loved ones.
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You know, those relation types.
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My Artwork
I paint and draw sometimes. However, I didn't say how well. *grin*
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So, what can I say? There is no defense. I am a cat person to the core.

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