The muse of art speaks to me with a strong, clear voice that has been with me as a child. Or perhaps it is my mother's insistence on dragging me to and fro to any museum she could find - both high and low arts, historical and new. From this (or perhaps despite it), I am left with a love of art.

Why you might ask? When some say art is dead or that it is merely diddlings of the rich?

I believe good art is able to transform the ordinary or illuminate the world around us. It is able to shed light on a dark world and bring hope to those who might not have felt it before. A bit lofty and naive? Perhaps... But this is what I truly hope it is.

However, I know that in the real world art is a commodity that is bought and sold like any number of others. This is the reason I have a BA in art history and not a MA. I love art, but not all the politicking and selling that goes on within the art world. So, here I am, just a gazer these days....perhaps a somewhat educated one, or perhaps it just gives me a bigger vocabulary with which to muse over a work.

~ Areas that Draw Me Into Their Fold ~

Medieval and Renaissance

This era speaks to me of passion, chivalry, faith and many great things that seem to have vanished in our current world.

Modern and Contemporary - Fine Arts

These artist reflect on our world. Both in what it is and what is can be.


There is something about sculpture. Be it the forms or the solidity... And some artist who master it can speak volumes.

Contemporary Graphic Arts

In our society, there are many forms where we can find art. One of may favorites are graphic novels and illustration. Just because it isn't 'high' art, does not mean it is any less relevant.

Links to Art Sites

There are some great resources on the web. So many...but here are some of my favorites.


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