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I prefer tabletop to online and thus far, larping (live action roleplay) is at the bottom of the list.

I will admit, I have not been gaming all my life. I have been actively roleplaying since 1994. I had a friend pull me into a game that was just starting

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Just some tidbits I have found useful in happy gaming.

Character backgrounds and designs
~ In Chronological Order ~


My first character. A great little Uktena Galliard werewolf. Curious beyond what was healthy, but then again, it sure made for some amazing tales.


Evil bitch from hell professional dominatrix who got turned into a Toredor antitrubu vampire. Blood and lust together. *grin* I even wrote a story about her called The Cost of Desire.

Genevra Bretagne

Created for a WW mush that seems to have died before it even started. It is too bad as it seemed there would have been an interesting chance to roleplay with a friend. Though a love between a bastet and a mage (which he would have been playing) didn't set well with the wizzes.

That Vance Girl

My first bastet that I got to play. Too bad it was only for two sessions before the group dissolved. If you read the design, keep in mind she was designed to play in a group of 6 other characters so she is more flat than I would have liked.


The character I was playing in tabletop. A Tremere vampire. I had fun with the background on this one and think she is fun to play and yet also quite well defined. And for those who know me medievally...I did like the name enough that I took it as my knighting name in HMR. However, the personas are not similar.

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