Ahhh, history. You wouldn't think it would be so fascinating if you have only dealt with grade school classes. But luckily, my propensity to dress up in funny medieval clothing has taught me much more than simply how crazy I can get sewing an English Tudor gown. *grin*

HMR/Adrian Archives

This site includes lots of info on HMR, the medieval group I am a part of. Some pretty good stuff here including many newsletters I have create throughout the years for the group.

Medieval & Ren Links

I have tons of links and am always collecting more. They range from merchants to how-to info to recipes to clip art & tons more. For clip art, check out both the medieval/ren folder, the archives one & graphics. Lots of great stuff out there!

Useful Medieval & Ren Books

Is it possible to have too many books...? I don't think so. But if you are working on a budget, it is sometimes good to know the best ones. *grin*

Background & Pictures of Magdalena de Coirnoir

The background thus far on my HMR persona, Magdalena de Coirnoir.


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