Okay...okay. So I am pushing the analogies a little here. So sue me. *grin* However, food is am important part of my life. It is more than simply a means of staying alive. For me, it is about feeding the soul as well.

Favorite Foods
Favorite Cuisines
NYC Restaurant Guides


Favorite Foods

~ Chocolate ~

Bittersweet, dark...yum! That is the best. I prefer Belgian with Swiss running second. The best place I have found in NYC is Lil Lac Chocolates on Christopher Street! In a pinch, Godiva will due the trick...

~ Garlic ~

Yummy yummy yummy... *licks her lips* Yep. A seasoning...a food. You choose. *grin*

Favorite Cuisines

~ Afghani ~

Mostly very spicy stuff., but delicious. Blend of herbs is unique...and since I have never attempted to cook it, I don't have a clue what they use. Best Afghani I have found in NYC is Bamiyani - 358 Third Ave. at the corner of 26th Street.

~ Ethiopian ~

Heavenly food. And yes, please, they do have a cuisine. *rolls her eyes* Spicy, delicious...and great to eat with your hands. I love sensual foods...and this is definitely one of them! Best place I have found in NYC is the Blue Nile Resturant.

~ Greek ~

The best dish in the universe perhaps... Moussaka. Mmmm... If you haven't tried it, you should! Been described by some as a Greek lasagna, but that doesn't do it justice! And hey, any culture willing to grind up garlic, add a touch of extra virgin olive oil and have a dip, is my kind of place!

~ Indian ~

Oooo...mmm...yum. Sense a spicy theme here? *grin* I adore lamb and they have some of the best lamb dishes. Don't forget the samosas!

~ Japanese / Sushi ~

Best to be a touch picky about sushi. I still haven't found a place that I would rave about in NYC. I am sure they are out there. I just haven't found it. My favorite is Yu Yee somewhere down in the middle of NJ (Cubby, Tamlin...it is where?). Eel is the best!

~ Medieval Cooking ~

Yes... I mean those things from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance! It is interesting to track food and its origins. And also, it is a great deal of fun as arts entries in the medieval recreation group I am in - HMR/Adria. And of course, I have some favorite period recipes.

NYC Restaurant Guides

Wonderful listing by cuisine & more. Gives ratings on various aspects like food, service & ambience. Lots more.

The Paperless Guide to New York City
Good site... Good layout and tons of information.

Permits searching by area, type of cuisine and price. Great for finding that certain restaurant you want to try while out wandering.

Yahoo Listing for NYC Resturants
It is okay for listing resturants if you know what you are looking for and think they might have a site.


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