The City is a wealth of culture and beauty... There is so much here to see and explore. It has this funny habit of growing on you and catching you in its wonderful web. And there is just too much to do here not to enjoy it!

General Sites

The Paperless Guide to New York City
Great site for many different things. Good layout and tons of information.

The 'Official' New York City Web Site
Pretty decent site. Even if it does have the major's pic all over it.

The NYInsider
Useful maps and lots of other goodies. A bit busy and too many java scripts but good site for info.

ALLNY.COM - New York City Super Resource Guides
Super-annoying graphics and ads, but some good stuff.

New York City Reference - Events
Despite this page not being recently updated, it is still good for links to events.

Larry's Opinionated Guide to New York City (for Cheapskates)
Opinionated is good to my mind. *grin* It is a bit sparse here and there because Larry is selling some book...but it is better than all those damn flashy ads on other sites... Good info, especially if you want cheap places to stay and ideas on what to do in NYC that won't break the bank.

Places I Love

The Cloister
Absolutely a must see! Amazing medieval works and so much more. The grounds are great, with gardens that are simply delightful. The collection is housed in medieval cloisters that were brought over before international law prevented such things. Great view as well. Can't say enough good about it. So go!

The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Do not miss this place even if you visit no other museum! Honest, it is worth the trip.

Central Park
A really great place to hang out and enjoy. The Obelisk aka Cleopatra's Needle is a great place to meet (behind the Met). Belvedere Castle is a great building with the the highest point in the Park, for that great view. And tourist - NO YOU WON'T GET MUGGED! Unless you go at 2 am...then...well... you take your own chances.

Broadway and Off-Broadway Shows
If you have the money, then you must go! I mean it. *grin* And if you need the cheap seats, then check the next one.

TKTS Booth aka Cheap Seats!
Hell, I know I can't afford $50 to $75 a seat for a Broadway show. So, you want to see a show and willing to be flexible? Then check out the TKTS Booth. There is one right in Time Square and another at the World Trade Center.

Museum of Modern Art
I have a love/hate relationship with MOMA. It is a great museum with some amazing pieces, including one of my favs, Max Beckman's 'The Departure'. However, I hate the admission cost and the attitudes of anyone working there. So try and ignore that!

Music Concerts and more
This site lets you check out what is playing. Great if you want to catch a show tonight or tomorrow. Not so hot about finding a particular show though...need to find a more user-friendly site for that.

Whitney Museum of American Art
A very good museum that typically shows more modern works.

The Guggenheim Museum
The building is world famous. That spiral one you know? *grin* Definitely worth the trip, though also good to check what show is there. Make sure and stop by the great Max Ernst painting for me. *chuckle* They also have a SoHo location that is excellent.

Good Food

My Food Page
Resturants and other food goodies in NYC - take a look here.

Medieval New York
Combining my favorite place with one of my favorite things.

Medieval New York
Great site that lists all things medieval in the city.

The Cloister
Beauty and more. A must see for anyone who loves medieval things.

A Love of Monsters
Gargoyle walks in New York City. Beautiful site. And hey, even has my former office building listed. Check out "Monsters on Madison".

Other Resources

New York Times
The greatest paper in the world or at the very least in the US. *grin*

Village Voice
The paper I read most in the city. It is free and has lots of good bits about the city and the arts.

Getting Around

Subway Navigator
Nifty program that allows you to input two locations and how to get from point a to point b.


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