Music is a gift of the gods! It is beautiful to hear and can fill one with emotions unknown before that moment. It touches something deep within when it is truely amazing. And dear Euterpe has had her hand in some of my favorites.

Roughly in order of preference
Or at least as close as I come as it changes hourly

- Artists have been touched by her hand -

They Might Be Giants
The Bobs
Indigo Girls
Sarah McLachlan
Nine Inch Nails
Melissa Etheridge
Tori Amos
k.d. Lang
Peter Gabriel
Tom Waits
Lorenna McKennitt
Rustic Root
Billy Joel

- Artists have past on to other realms -

The Police / Sting
Pink Floyd

The Beatles

- Artists that probably haven't but I still like them -
aka - Music of my Youth

Soft Cell
Duran Duran
Tears for Fears
Spandau Ballet
The The
Throwing Muses
Cure /Siousxie / Creatures / Glove


They Might Be Giants

They are silly, they are dweeby, they are great. You need to listen to them. Enough said? Go. Now. Listen.

The Bobs

The most amazing acappella group. Funny and good and lots more.


Good, solid rock with an edge. Add a heaping dose of really amazing bass and percussion. This band is gone, but just can't bring myself to face that. Have seen them a few times in concert and they put on an amazing show.


How to describe this band... Hmmm. Three women with cellos playing goth / rock / alternative / other. It is actually very intense and really amazing stuff.

Indigo Girls

Okay... So I like a lot of chick music. *grin* Of course, I won't ever mention that some Georgia boy got me into half the chick music I listen too... Nope. These two women are quite talented and far about the more recent crowd. And overall, not too angry. *smirk*


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