Food List & Restaurants Guides for the Palm

500+ Restaurant Guides Available

All the restaurants on Dotti's Weight Loss Zone are included on this site in the List/WWCalc format. The list is now complete and we are updating it regularly. So check out the Food & Restaurant Guides .

FDA Food List

Great news. I have converted the FDA database into dots. It is now available for download . I hope it helps you on your WW journey!

Palm Emulator for Pocket PC/WinCE Users

Some good news for Pocket PC/WinCE Users. There is an emulator so you can

Check out the StyleTap website . I can't tested WWCalc or List with the emulator as I don't have a Pocket PC/WinCE PDA. But I hope it helps those Pocket PC users!

Want to be Updated with New/Updated Restaurants?

You can subscribe to the announcement list to get the latest info and be notified of when we have added new restaurants. Thanks.

Disclaimer - This project is in no way connected or endorsed by Weight Watchers. It is a personal project to help fellow Weight Watchers with their goals.

Site last updated: 9 October 2008

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